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Sports Holidays Are Just The Best

sports fanSports are not the only thing going in life - but let's face it, they are one of the most important :-)

I can hear 'sports widows' around the world beating their heads against the wall right now.

Particularly when I'm about to recommend that you not only watch sports on TV, but go to the games too. And I don't just mean your local games - though they can be seriously exciting stuff too. But also go to the BIG games. After all, you only live once and experiencing these games in the flesh is not available at the push of a button when convenience hits. Typically it means travel, but why not time your holiday trips around big sporting events?

There's nothing like the atmosphere of being at a live game. Whatever game - football, soccer, ice hockey, rugby. These all have legions of extremely enthusiastic fans and you cannot help but get caught up in that excitement. No your view of the action won't necessarily always be as good as your big screen TV at home with the comfy couch - but you'll be there, in the action, smelling the sweat, hearing the grunts, seeing some of the world biggest stars and best athletes right there in the flesh. For real! That's the kind of thing that makes a big difference and better memories.

You can travel for all kinds of sporting events, everything from international football holidays to more local hockey trips. Share a car with mates, join an organized coach trip, go VIP and hire a helicopter! Whatever, do it, at least once.

It's not just about the game either. The travel can be great fun too, be it a weekend sports only trip with mates. Or a family friendly week long holiday with a game in the middle. The family can join you at the game if they are up for it, or they can go lie on the beach or do some sightseeing. Everybody is happy.