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13 Crazy Things to Buy When You Win a Lottery

What's that..? You won a jackpot of $500 million dollars! Hey, congratulations. Now you can buy happiness; health; property; game stations; cars and what not!

But if you are stuck on what to buy here are some crazy ideas that are actually a - total - waste - of - money. But do you really care? You are the Richie Rich now, right!

1. Do not repeat the same pair of socks ever in your life again.

This makes sense, right? You never have to wear the same pair of socks twice for all your remaining years on this planet.

2. An authentic utility jeep – Jurassic Park theme

Among the series of fancy cars that you are planning to buy, include this one. It’s rough and tough look, multiple features and newest hi tech devices will be a perfect asset to show off. Explore the adventurous roads.

3. E4 double insulated glass bedroom in the wild

Pick up a serene location where the wilderness of jungle and pastoral beauty weds. Construct an exclusive glass bedroom there. Install all the high-tech home solutions in the room. Wake up amidst the fresh sunlight and natural bliss.

4. Make a Dagobert wooden toilet throne

The antique wooden finish makes the toilet look like a royal throne. The music starts playing as soon as you lift the lid. The full set of accessories like ashtray; candleholder etc. will give you a supreme king-like feel. This is among one of the crazy things lottery winners buy, and buying crazy stuff like this is why we love the lottery so much.

5. How about a real bicycle made of gold and crystal

Imagine yourself riding a gold bicycle studded with white crystals. It will seize attention of the whole town. Warning - you will end up in the next day’s news headlines!

6. Buy Michael Jackson’s fedora hat

The black fedora hat which Jackson used to wear during his live performance was with his childhood friend David Gest. Hurry up and see if it is still in auctions.

7. Gold Monopoly set worth $2 million

This gold and jeweled studded monopoly set is estimated to be worth around $2 million. It was made to be displayed in museum. But why don’t you commission one for yourself too… it’s mere pocket change.

8. Red diamond bathtub in your toilet

This ultra luxurious bathtub is stuffed with luxury and comfort. It features massage, multicolor lightings, remote controlled LCD's, Crystal champagne glass holder and more. Lottery winners actually buy this stuff!

9. Umbrella made of crocodile skin

If you can overlook the animal cruelty part, crocodile skinned umbrella is one of the popular crazy things lottery winners buy. It costs somewhere around $50 thousand, so get a spare too.

10. A saucepan made of gold and diamond

It’s time for ultimate luxury! Own the most expensive utensil in the world and enjoy a king size meal.

11. Implants and plastic surgeries

Go crazy with the plastic surgeons and spend millions to look like Jocelyn Wildenstein! Well, that was a joke. Get the looks of a Greek God or Goddess by cosmetic surgeries and implants.

12. A whisky pool

How about making your exclusive whiskey pool! Pour up, drink head shots, swim in the exotic flavors of liquor and stay drunk all day. Among loads of crazy things lottery winners buy, this is definitely at the 'rock star excess' end of the scale. But hey, you won the big game, so why not.

13. La Cambusa refrigerator

If you own one of these refrigerators, you will not need a kitchen. The $41,500 worth fridge features freezer; pantry area; coffee maker space; micro oven; multifunction oven; steam oven and even a television.

These are all totally unnecessary frivolous items of course, which some winners do end up buying without even sparing a thought on saving for the future. So here's a less tongue in cheek tip... Do not change your lifestyle too quickly and try to keep your feet on the ground. Appreciate the simple life, and recognise the luxuries as what they are.

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