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7 Fun Ways to Pick Your Lottery Numbers

Lottery is a game of chances and entertainment. You should always keep one thing in mind that even God cannot tell you sure fire tricks to win a lottery game. If you are fortunate, you will hit the jackpot and if you are not, well there's always better luck to be had next time round.

So here are some fun ways in which you can pick your lottery numbers for the next draw.

1. Seek advice from a Zoltar machine

Have you, by any chance, watched Tom Hanks 'Big'? In the movie, he put a coin into the Zoltar speaks machine and made a wish to become 'big'. The tiny card dispensed from the machine. It was written on the card that his wish had been granted. He became big. So, try asking Zoltar to give you some numbers - he is all-knowing and wise after all.

2. Combine your address, birthday and phone number

Instead of visiting a numerologist, you can combine the numbers that you have in your date of birth, house number and phone number. You always knew you were born lucky, right?

3. Pick up random numbers and add one to each

We all love playing the lottery, and among various fun ways to pick your lottery numbers, this is one I've used before. Either use a random number generator, or take a quick pick entry from a previous draw - then add 1 to each of those randomly generated numbers. You can always try replacing one of them with your lucky number too.

4. Pick up the numbers that you see around

Select numbers that appear in front of your eyes while you are on road, reading a magazine, eating at food carts or sitting at bars. Things happen when you least expect them. So, when you are busy in doing something else and not worrying about choosing numbers for the lottery, you may actually hit a gold mine of numbers unknowingly. So, keep eyes open, and note down the numbers around you as you see them.

5. Ask the person who is standing right behind you in the line

You will find long queues in front of lottery machines. When you go next time, turn back and ask the person behind to pick some lucky numbers for you. Who knows, their lucky numbers may prove to be lucky for you as well.

6. Select numbers by throwing darts

Place some old lottery tickets on the floor. Throw some darts in the air and check where they land. The tickets on which the darts land, consider them to be lucky. Or you can also use a dart board. Fix the dart board on a tree in your garden. Throw darts from a distance and see where they strike. To avoid bias, you can close your eyes (make sure you don't miss!). There are many fun ways to pick your lottery numbers, but this one is certainly unique.

7. Look at frequency charts for previous winning lotteries

Now, this idea needs a bit of research. Most of the lotteries offer charts displaying how often each number has won in a specific timeframe. Expand your timeframe for better analysis. Also, make sure that you are looking up the right lottery. For instance, MegaMillions statistics will differ from that of Powerball of course.

Remember that the lottery is a game of fun. It wouldn't be fun if there were perfect methods to select numbers. But if you do win big do not forget to share your good fortune with family and friends - oh and here are some crazy ideas of what to spend your money on. Good luck.

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