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Why I Like The EuroMillions Lottery

euromillions planeBeing an avid player of the lottery there are a number of things that I have come to note about most lotteries which can be quite a turn off. Some have very stringent laws, even for the winners. My personal favorite though is the EuroMillions even though I'm yet to win anything big from them (it's just a matter of time folks!) - there are a number of things that make me wake up in the morning and look forward to trying my luck with them again.

Public or anonymous claiming

So, when I strike it big and finally I'm a multi-millionaire, EuroMillions actually gives me a chance to decide if I would like to come out and pick my prize money in the presence of the media, or remain totally anonymous. Even though they would highly advise you to go for publicity so that they are able to build their name and credibility, they do not shove it down your throat the decision is still yours. After all, not everyone wants to become a celebrity and announce their good luck - do you rally want to have some burglars knocking down your doors thinking you brought the money home..?

You can play it online

Nice and easy. Don't underestimate this - a lot of games you can't play online at all! It's also great for those people who forget to check their tickets, or have a habit of losing them! One neat way to play online is to use a syndicate - check out for a whole list of lottery syndicates you can use. And if you specifically want EuroMillions check out the reviews here. These guys provide some pretty detailed info, and you can also find them on Twitter.

You get a special adviser

Getting all that money can leave you in a daze. This is more so for people who have not had contact with such money before. To make sure that you don't start off on the wrong footing, they offer you an adviser who not only helps you in the process of getting your winnings but you can stay in contact with them afterwards too. This not only helps you from squandering your money, but also ensures that you have someone independent with your best interests at heart to help guide you.

Always reliable

Oh, and not to mention that I am yet to hear of a scandal or failed pay out with this lottery, which is why I am fully confident that my time is coming and my efforts will pay off. Next time you hear of an anonymous jackpot winner - that's me :-)


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